Monday, May 07, 2007

Mini-Sweet-Hereafter-revival: Monday May 7th 2007, podcast

Today's Sweet Hereafter mini-revival/Greetings on the East Coast

  • May 7th 2007 Podcast (65 Mbs)

  • It was great to be behind the mic after half-a-year's absence. So many more songs that i wished I could have played and a few requests had to be left unaddressed. Thanks for tuning in on such short notice if you could, otherwise, thanks for downloading the podcast.

    Take care and hope we can meet on the airwaves sooner rather than later. Groove on.


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    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    One more turn behind the mic at CFRC: Monday May 7th from 10-11AM EST

    Hey Superstars,

    Long time no talk. Well, the hip and groovy people of CFRC must have forgotten the disaster I was during the Sweet Hereafter the last x (x being a number smaller than 20) number of years as they've kindly let be on the air for an hour tomorrow at 10-11AM (Monday May 7th). On the tentative set list will be artists from the East Coast that need more loving from the "West", artists from Kingston and the area that I miss hearing, and a few tracks that I've discovered since my last stint at CFRC. To tune in, go to and click on LISTEN.

    Hope you can tune in. I miss sharing some music with you all.


    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    October 12: Podcast

    The podcast for my filling-in for London Calling

  • October 12 2006 podcast

  • I was nervous, I stumbled from the get go, things were moving too fast and there were too many buttons to press. A monkey would have done a better job. I was sweating bullets. In other words, I loved it. Loved being back behind the mic. I really miss this radio stuff.

    If the mp3 doesn't work, please download them by clicking on the links under Other Sections.

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    October 12, 2006: Playlist

    1. Ooh la - The Kooks
    2. Nothing in my way - Keane
    3. Our Hell - Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton
    4. Death on the stairs - The Libertines
    5. When the sun goes down - The Arctic Monkeys
    6. Never meant any harm - The Golden Dogs
    7. Starlite #1 - Mojave 3
    8. Chocolate - Snow Patrol
    9. Everyday is a holiday (with you) - Esthero (feat. Sean Lennon on the keys)
    10. Huddle formation - The Go! Team
    11. Shine a light - Wolf Parade
    12. Neighbourhood #2 - The Arcade Fire
    13. The scientist - Coldplay
    14. Uniform Grey - Sarah Harmer
    15. Brandon - Rae Spoon and Rodney Decroo
    16. You and I - Graham Coxon
    17. Take her out - Franz Ferdinand

    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    The Sweet Hereafter October 11: Is now officially retro?

    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick note to let you know that A) I'm still kicking around Kingston for a wee bit more (I'm having serious separation issues) and B) I'll be filling-in for the show UK Calling tomorrow from 10:00 - 11:30 AM as I still have some songs that I really want to play one last time on the airwaves of CFRC. I am really worried about whether music has completely changed in the last two months but hopefully I haven't completely lost touch with music. Or at the very least, you can tune in for some quaint music from the yesteryears. Tuesdays haven't been the same and I still find myself wondering whether I should be somewhere (yes, yes, Halifax, I'll get there soon enough).

    Hope everything is well with everyone.


    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Tuesdays at CFRC

    Hey everyone,

    Still no news as to when my last two shows will be aired but I have some time left in Kingston so I'm sure I'll be able to hit the airwaves before i head out east.

    I did want to point out that the show that is taking my slot is The Exploding Plastic Inevitable featuring Laura Kelly who made her first CFRC appearance on the Sweet Hereafter a few years ago. She's gone on to become one of the most dynamic CFRC programmers and I know that you'll really enjoy her blend of music so I'm excited to see that great music will still be coming to you on Tuesday afternoons courtesy of CFRC.


    Friday, September 01, 2006

    August 29, 2006: Podcast

    This Tuesday's show podcast (aka the August 29 podcast)

  • August 29 2006 podcast

  • This is the last Tuesday time slot podcast but hopefully not last CFRC podcast. Sorry it's late but I had some "mixing" to do. Most technical errors are still included though.

    If the mp3 doesn't work, please download them by clicking on the links under Other Sections.

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    Thanks for listening

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    August 29, 2006: Playlist

    1. Kathleen - Josh Ritter
    2. Other side of the world - KT Tunstall
    3. Into your hideout - Pilate
    4. Whoever you are - Geggy Tah
    5. Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand
    6. Fell in love with a girl - The White Stripes
    7. Yellow sun - The Raconteurs
    8. La fin du monde - The Hylozoists
    9. Let's get out of this country - Camera Obscura
    10. Fire - Jason Collett
    11. Wish I - Jem
    12. Soft One - Matt Barber
    13. Talk to me, dance with me - Hot hot heat
    14. Hello, helpdesk - Infotourist
    15, Common people - Pulp
    16. Dead disco - Metric
    17. No photographs - Harmony Trowbridge
    18. Strawberry Blonde - Ron Sexsmith
    19. Somewhere only we know - Keane
    20. Woke up new - The Mountain Goats
    21. Follow these eyes - The Hidden Cameras
    22. C'mon c'mon we're gonna get started - Sloan
    23. City of lakes - Matt Mays
    24. Wouldn't it be nice - Jill Barber
    25. Mushaboom - Feist

    The Sweet Hereafter August 29, 2006: Hanging out on Tuesdays


    Today is my last show in this Tuesday 3-5PM time slot as the new schedule at CFRC is set to start next week. I've been in a Tuesday afternoon time slot for x number of years where 1 < x < 7, but I'm not sure exactly how long i've been here as it is not a habit of mine to catalog these sort of things. I plan on doing two more shows afterwords since I still have about 50 of my favourite songs to play but they will most likely be as fill-ins in other time slots. I'll let you know ahead of time when these shows are but most likely, it will be easier for you to simply download the podcasts. The invitation to come by my last show at CFRC still stands and I'll let you know as soon as I know when that will be. Thanks to those who have already sent some stories from the show. Wish you could be here but I'll pass your stories to everyone without any kind of editorializing from myself.

    Tuesday afternoons won't be the same without this little two-hour break in the day where I could cast away the worries of the day and do something that I enjoy so much. For those of you who have tuned in on Tuesdays, thank you so very much for sharing these afternoons and for making them worthwhile. Hopefully we can do it again sometime in the near future.